Our Story
Our Story

In April of 2012 Staci and Brian met at The Ohio State University at the annual Gospel Fest. Staci was ministering in mime that night with her two friends, Imari & Taylor. Brian, also a mutual friend of Imari and Taylor, came to support and unbeknownst to him, met the love of his life. The two began to see more of each other through their mutual friends and about a year later, Imari and Taylor began to suggest what a cute couple the two would make. Somehow, Staci's number ended up in Brian's phone. She says she never gave it to him, he says he gamed her up. The world may never know how exactly Brian got the digits, but he did and decided to shoot his shot. Must've been nothing but net because for the next 3 years, the two embarked on the wild ride of courtship. Brian planned to propose Valentines day 2016, but he couldn't contain his excitement and popped the question February 6th. Staci was under the impression that she was having a meeting with the revival committee of her church, which just so happened to be made up of some of her closest friends and family. In preparation for dinner, Brian led the group in prayer and switched gears and began to bless God for the woman that is Staci Rhodes. Staci, not liking attention, began to wonder why Brian decided to shine the light on her and in front of all those people. While Brian continued to pray, with everyones eyes closed, various other friends and family members came in through the back door and joined the circle. Staci opened her eyes to find Brian in front of her on one knee, Brian's prayer had turned into a full blown proposal! Of course Staci said YES and now the two anxiously await July 8th 2017, the day the two will say I do.

The Wedding

Saturday, July 8, 2017
5:00 PM
Attire: Black Tie-Optional
New Birth Christian Ministry
3475 Refugee Rd, Columbus, OH 43232, USA
The Clock Tower
4500 Eastland Dr, Columbus, OH 43232, USA
Wedding Party

Noelle Rhodes - Maid of Honor
Bethanie Jacox - Matron of Honor
Bobbie Bower - Bridesmaid
Taylor Dunlap - Bridesmaid
Imari Mitchell - Bridesmaid
Ashley Johnson - Bridesmaid
Amanda Larry - Bridesmaid
Sharaun Thompson - Bridesmaid
Tayler Johnson - Bridesmaid
Joia Mitchell - Bridesmaid
Micaiah Smith - Bridesmaid
Makenna Moore - Flower Girl
Justice Rhodes-Jacox - Flower Girl
Lyricc Nowlin - Flower Girl
Kayci Rhodes-Jacox - Flower Girl
Micheal Rhodes-Jacox - Ring Bearer
Josiah Dunlap - Best Man
Malachi Mustafa - Groomsmen
Kendall Slaughter - Groomsmen
Dennis Hagans - Groomsman
Aaron Peaks - Groomsman
Jaaron Lofton - Groomsman
Terrell Carter - Groomsman
Andrew White - Groomsmen
Durrell Jameson - Groomsmen
Valerian Riddle - Groomsmen
Austin White - Groomsmen